Hot runner mold

- Jun 06, 2019-

There are three kinds of hot channel, shunt plate, nozzle, temperature control box. You can see the drawings I put, the main gate feed, through the shunt through the nozzle, the temperature control box Anuoli is temperature control.
The hot channel die is a mold that uses a heating device to make the melt in the channel not solidify at all times. Because it is shorter than the traditional mould forming period and more economical raw materials, the hot runner mold has been widely used in all industrial developed countries and regions in the world.
The hot channel system is divided into an adiabatic hot runner and a miniature semi hot runner system. The design of the adiabatic channel is complex, but the effect is good and the maintenance cost is very low. Miniature semi-thermal flow channel structure for simple, stable and good use, low failure rate, because of the simple structure and low maintenance costs, there is a greater guarantee for the stability of production.
Heat Stream Classification
Open(for miniature semi-hot flow), needle valve(for adiabatic flow).
The heat channel system is generally composed of heat nozzles, shunt plates, temperature control boxes and accessories. Heat nozzles generally include two types: open heat nozzles and needle valve type heat nozzles. Since the heat nozzle directly determines the selection of heat flow channel system and the manufacture of dies, the heat flow channel system is often divided into an open heat flow channel system and a needle valve type heat flow channel system. The shunt plate is used in one mode with multiple cavity or points feed, single point feed, but the feed position is biased. The material is usually P20 or H13. The shunt plate is generally divided into two categories: standard and non-standard. Its structural form is mainly determined by the distribution of the cavity on the mold, the arrangement of nozzles, and the location of the gate. The thermostat includes the host, cable, connector, and wiring male and female sockets. The accessories of the mold's WeChat small heating channel usually include: heaters and thermocouples, runner sealing rings, connectors, and junction boxes.