PPR Tubing Installation Note

- Sep 10, 2018-

1, pp-R pipe is less hardness than metal tube, poor rigidity, in the handling, construction should be protected, to avoid improper external forces cause mechanical damage.

After the dark compress to mark the pipe position, lest two times decorate destroys the pipeline. 2, pp-R tube 5 ℃ below the existence of a certain low temperature brittleness, winter construction should be careful, cut the tube with sharp cutting tools to cut slowly.

The installed pipes can not be weighed, tapped, and, if necessary, covered by the external force of the protective material.

3, pp-R tube long-term exposure to ultraviolet light aging degradation, installed in outdoor or direct sunlight must be bandaged dark protective layer.

4, pp-R pipe In addition to the use of metal pipe or water connection with threaded inserts or flanges and other mechanical connection, the rest should be used hot melt connection, so that the pipeline integration, no leakage point. 

5. The linear expansion coefficient of PP-R tube is larger (0.15mm/m℃), and the technical measures to prevent the expansion and deformation of pipe should be taken in the case of bright or non-direct burying.