Standard die frame for injection moulds

- Apr 29, 2019-

The mold frame of the injection mold has been standardized, but the model and size need to be determined by the designer. The standard die frame is mainly divided into a two-plate die standard die frame, a three-plate die standard die frame, and a simplified three-plate die frame and a non-standard die frame.
The two-plate die frame, also known as the large water mouth die frame, has the advantage that the injection mold has a simple structure and a strong applicability of the molded product. However, the plastic product is connected to the flow and is removed from the same sub-surface. Manual removal. However, this type of frame is widely used, accounting for more than 70 %.
The three-plate die frame, also known as the fine water mouth die frame, is generally used in products that use point injection gum, such as barrels, boxes, and shell-shaped products. The disadvantage of this mold frame is that the structure of the injection mold is complex and the cost is high.
The simplified three-plate mold evolved from the three-plate mold, which was 4 short guide columns less than the three-plate mold injection mold.
Non-standard die frame is a special die frame customized by users according to special needs. However, due to non-standard, so the price is expensive, the order time is long, so do not use it when designing injection molds.