Mould Manufacturing And Other Types Of Talent Are The Most Scarce

- May 03, 2019-

In the second quarter, Shenyang enterprises issued a total of 111,133 recruitment announcements through the human resources market. 112,440 candidates came to find jobs, and the overall professional recruitment rate was about 0.99. Compared with the first quarter, the number of job seekers entering the labour market has increased, indicating that the seasonal lack of work has gradually eased.
At the same time, human resources experts also expect that with the arrival of the third quarter, a large number of graduates pouring into the society, coupled with seasonal factors, Shenyang's remuneration for outdoor and manual labor professionals is expected to increase significantly, and the number of jobs will increase significantly. The employment demand of various commercial service enterprises will also continue to increase.
The second quarter chemical products production process personnel had better find a job
From the job gap in Shenyang in the second quarter, the personnel of chemical product production and mold manufacturing are the most scarce. Both occupations have a multiplier ratio of more than 3(the ratio of labour market demand to the number of job seekers, indicating the number of job seekers for each job in the labour market. If the number of applicants is 3.92, it means that 100 job seekers compete for 392 positions. The higher the number of people, the better the position is to find a job.)
In contrast, secretaries, typists, motor vehicle drivers, primary accounting staff, and property managers all sought between 0.3 and 0.4 during the second quarter, which means that only 30 % to 40 % of job seekers in these positions can find work.
Demand for outdoor and manual workers is expected to be high in the third quarter
Shenyang employment agency, human resources experts said, from the overall employment situation in the first quarter of this year, Shenyang will gradually improve the skills level requirements for job seekers in the third quarter, the higher the skill level of job seekers, the easier to find a job.
At the same time, July, August and September are traditional career stability periods. The talent flow in the third quarter of the calendar year is characterized by slow flow and low flow. As far as the first and second industries are concerned, both the supply and demand sides of the market are in a relatively stable production period, and the demand for the personnel of the employing unit is relatively small. The incumbent is still in the period of adaptation and wait and see. However, in terms of labor relations, with the formal graduation of college graduates in the third quarter, a large number of internship and trainee graduates have been transferred to the right, and employers and laborers have signed a large number of formal labor contracts; Seasonally speaking, with the increase in temperature, the remuneration of outdoor and manual workers has increased significantly, and the amount of labor employed has increased significantly. The demand for employment in various commercial and commercial service enterprises will continue to increase. As the third quarter is at the peak of annual leave, the demand for tourism and service talents everywhere has strengthened.