5 Levels Of Plastic Mold Maintenance-3.Inspection Maintenance

- Sep 19, 2018-

This maintenance is performed by the lead operator or a tool maker at the end of a production run. Using the check list and visual inspection techniques, the mold is looked over and any minor repairs that are necessary are noted for the convenience of the General Maintenance procedure. If not, needed repairs or future required touch up notations are kept with the mold history log for future evaluation.Any components missing or cavity blocked off should be noted and attended to. A sample from the blocked cavity should be retained for the mold maker to make repairs. The mold should be washed with safety solvent to remove the varnish and build up from the molding process.The vents should be checked for depth in a minimum of four clock face places around the cavity face.
Notations for work to be done during the General Maintenance procedure should be noted on the form for future work Bent, worn or broken ejector pins should be noted. The mold should be removed from production and the pins replaced.20,000 cycles or nine production shifts