CHINAPLAS 2019 International Oaks Exhibition Is Opening Today With More Than 3,600 Exhibitors To Shape The New World.

- May 28, 2019-

The accelerated recovery of the manufacturing sector worldwide has encountered bottlenecks, the tension in trade is spreading outwards, and the world economic situation is undergoing complex and profound changes. China, which is in a period of transforming its development model, optimizing its economic structure, and transforming its growth momentum, has on the one hand sent a "big gift package" of tax cuts and fees to ease the burden on manufacturing, encourage scientific and technological innovation, and stimulate domestic demand. On the other hand, encourage foreign investment and continue to promote opening up. In response to the new era, new challenges, and new opportunities in the plastic rubber industry, the "CHINAPLAS 2019 International Oaks and Plastics Exhibition" officially kicked off today. On the 4th(May 21-24), it returned to the gathering place of scientific and technological innovation-Guangdong, Hong Kong, and Macao. The central city of Dawan District-Guangzhou. Together with more than 3,600 leading exhibitors in the world, the exhibition will showcase its pioneering technology at the Guangzhou Pazhou China Import and Export Fair Exhibition Hall with a scale of more than 250,000 square meters.
Science and technology innovation plus "plastic" to promote high-quality development
5G, artificial intelligence, big data, Internet of things, face recognition, curved screens, folding screens .... these keywords have made a lot of attention in the past year, and have also created new opportunities for new materials and new devices. The key to high-quality development lies in scientific and technological innovation. As an important basic industry in manufacturing industry, the rubber industry is promoting the accelerated upgrading of the industrial chain and value chain to the middle and high end.
Plastics are indispensable in human life and technological development. However, plastics have long been easily misunderstood and underestimated. As consumption upgrades and product iterations accelerate, plastics are more widely used and high-end, building extraordinary imagination space. As a high-quality high-tech display and exchange platform, the "CHINAPLAS 2019 International Oaks and Plastics Exhibition" has fully launched more than 180 global or Asian hot spots and has intensively released excellent high-functional plastics and smart manufacturing solutions. We will inject new impetus and vitality into the development of the industry.
For plastics and its important application areas, the annual industry event "CHINAPLAS International Oaks Show" is like a top show, focusing on unprecedented and active technological breakthroughs and innovations. The advent of the 5G era will detonate subversive changes, and the wisdom of science and technology is within reach. The frontier applications from the 5G communication base station to the application side will raise expectations; At the exhibition, low-dielectric constant modified plastics, antenna materials, heat dissipation conductive materials, shielding materials and other display of powerful innovative power. Cars are becoming more and more "smart", in line with the development of smart networking, high-sensory, conductive, discoloration and other high-performance materials are favored. The personalized customized packaging with high color value has become an accelerator for brand appreciation. 3D printing is a new type of environmentally friendly and specially made plastics, and fast and variable technology has gained popularity. In the medical field, high cleanliness, high transparency, chemical-resistant class plastics and medical-grade silicone rubber are in the ascendant. The exhibition can also meet "build" high-quality building materials solutions such as durability, high strength and toughness. In addition, the exhibition spares no effort to expand new applications such as sports and leisure, and blowout has emerged to cover a number of application industries.
In order to help people in the industry quickly and efficiently navigate the cutting-edge and popular hard nuclear technology from the vast ocean of technology, the organizers held a "technology platform" in the same period to launch more than 40 rubber and plastic high-tech technologies in the form of an open forum. Including long fiber injection molding, 3D printing, biological plastics, new energy vehicles and other 11 units.
In response to the high potential and growing demand in the medical market, the exhibition has created a "medical plastic pool" in the form of forums, product displays, guidelines, and guided tours, leading medical equipment, consumables, and pharmaceutical packaging manufacturers to one-stop search for global medical plastic technology.
A new model of "plastic" circular economy
Following the ban on the import of waste plastics from domestic sources at the end of 2017, China's "ban on waste" was further upgraded, and waste plastics from industrial sources was completely banned by the end of 2018. The problem of plastic pollution has become more urgent and serious. "The traditional 'raw material-production-consumption-use-discard' model is gradually being abandoned, joining the key link of recycling, reshaping the industrial model with innovative technologies, and solving the 'trouble' caused by plastic pollution. It can also tap into the significant development opportunities and potential that lie behind it. "Ms. Liangyaqi, general manager of the exhibition organizer elegant exhibition services Co., Ltd., said:" 'CHINAPLAS 2019 International Rubber Plastics Exhibition' focuses on smart manufacturing, high-tech materials, environmental protection, and recyclable solutions, sweeping the world's circular economy. The wind blew to the exhibition is a beautiful landscape that can not be missed. "
The topic of recycling economy and plastic recycling is hot. Rejuvenating the life of plastic is an important mission that will not only stimulate economic growth and create new values, but also help protect our beautiful planet. As technology upgrades, plastics offer many green solutions. The global industrial chain is actively deploying a circular economy, from the United Nations to the European Union, China and the United States. From chemical raw materials and equipment suppliers to Procter & Gamble, Qiangsheng, Unilever, Oreal, Kraft, Nestle, Pepsi, Apple, Logitech Electronics, Adidas and other terminal brand giants, are actively acting. Hot push plastic this resource reasonable use and recycling reuse, reverse the fate of waste plastic.
The organizers joined forces with the "CPRJ China Plastic Rubber" magazine on the day before the opening of the exhibition(May 20) to create the "Plastic Recycling and Recycling Economy Forum and Exhibition", and the industry responded enthusiastically. The activities condensed the latest global recycling economy and plastic recycling recycled materials innovation, process progress, application cases, unique perspectives, and cutting-edge perspectives. More than 350 industry experts and elites met face to face at the meeting to discuss how to advance business in the face of world resource conservation trends. Recyclers and recycling users shared on the spot how to build a recycling ecosystem and plastic life cycle for plastic products.
Forum exchange collision thought spark, exhibition depth observation solution. Closely fitting the theme of circular economy, "CHIAPLAS 2019 International Rubber Plastics Exhibition" for the first time set up a "recycled plastic area", showing a variety of 100 % recyclable, non-toxic and safe materials such as rPET, LDPE recycled resin, PP recycled resin, and recycled modified plastics. If you want to point out "waste" as material, you can go to the "recycling technology area" to obtain the secret. The area is committed to realizing the closed-loop cycle of the industrial chain, displaying advanced technologies that run through each link of the recycling production line, from sorting, fragmentation, cleaning, drying, and intelligent regenerative granulation systems, all of which are very suitable for the current trend. The bioplastics and biocomposites that appear in the "Bioplastics Zone" are not only more widely used, but also cover packaging, electrical appliances, toys, children's supplies, automobiles, 3D printing, etc.. They are also degradable and compost, and are environmentally friendly and non-toxic. Its price has gradually become "civilian" and it is closer to petroleum-based plastics.
Carrying Smart Manufacturing and Industrial Design, Heavy "Plastics" Development Space
The demographic dividend has gradually disappeared, and fewer and fewer young people are willing to enter factories to engage in repetitive work, and the increasingly high cost of labor has become a problem in the manufacturing industry. "Reforming" the traditional manufacturing mode of production and operation, and the new generation of information technology has become a "smart support point", which can fundamentally increase labor productivity and economic benefits. The high speed, large capacity, and low delay of the 5G make the progress of intelligent manufacturing even more powerful and thousands of miles a day.
Digital, intelligent, and automation have become the standard for the future development of manufacturing industry. "CHINAPLAS 2019 International Oaks and Plastics Exhibition" has launched a large number of smart manufacturing solutions, such as integrated smart production equipment to increase production capacity, and high-quality, small-batch and diversified production processes. Liangzong said: "In addition, we have successfully held the 'Industry 4.0 Forum' in the past three years. This time, we have walked out of the conference room and held the 'Industry 4.0 Future Factory' in the same period. Industrial 4.0, It aims to share with the industry the revolutionary changes that digitization has brought to factory managers and production processes, thereby improving quality, reducing costs, and attracting more young people into manufacturing. "
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