Huida Develops Pipe Fittings On Demand

- Apr 09, 2019-

Since its establishment, Huida Mould Factory has been designing and producing various pipe fittings. It has been 2 years since its establishment.

"CPRJ China Plastics and Rubber" magazine interviewed reporters to create experience. The sales manager of the plant, Li Lihong, accepted the Huida Wangji model and pointed out that its pipe molds are mainly used in the construction industry HUIDA PLA products TIC MOULD FAC and irrigation sewage systems, which have quality advantages in the peer products.

According to reports, PVC pipe molds use different manufacturing processes and structures according to different requirements, such as the use of graded stainless steel to ensure good corrosion resistance, multi-cavity to achieve higher yield

Huida has precise mold manufacturing dimensions to ensure accurate product size and a good mold structure for long life and high productivity. Huida has 7 different types

At present, the company's products are mainly oriented to the international market, of which the Middle East and South America account for a large proportion, and recently it is gradually opening up foreign markets.

The main molds produced by Huida include: PVC inlet pipe mould, PVC drainage pipe fitting mould, PP pipe mould, PPH pipe mould P electrofusion fitting mould