Mold Market Analysis

- Apr 16, 2019-

In recent years, the annual growth rate of China's plastics industry has reached more than 10%, and the annual output of plastic products ranks second in the world. Plastic products have developed rapidly in the fields of agriculture, plastic packaging, plastic pipes and profiles, automobiles, home appliances, electronics, transportation, etc., setting off an investment boom.

industry analysis  

Driven by the demand for high-tech drive and pillar industry applications, plastic molds have formed a huge industrial chain, from the upstream material industry and processing and testing equipment to downstream machinery, automobiles, motorcycles, home appliances, electronic communications, building materials. Waiting for several major application industries, the development of plastic molds is on the rise.

Construction, building materials industry

The construction industry is the pillar industry of the national economy. In the next 5-10 years, China's construction industry will have greater development, which will become a new consumption hotspot and economic growth point in the Chinese market, and drive the development of the chemical building materials industry. Since the country has banned the use of cast iron pipes and replaced them with plastic pipes, it is estimated that 80% of new residential indoor drainage pipes and 50% of urban water supply pipes in 2010 will use plastic pipes. At the same time, the country is vigorously developing plastic doors and windows. It is expected that the penetration rate of plastic doors and windows will reach 30%-50% in 2019.

Since the 1980s, China's plastic doors and windows and water supply and drainage pipe fittings have been rapidly developed through technical digestion and development on the basis of the introduction of equipment and technology. During the "10th Five-Year Plan" period, plastic pipes, plastic doors and windows, and new waterproof materials have become the development focus of the chemical building materials industry.

Plastic building materials not only can replace steel, wood and traditional building materials in a large amount, but also have the advantages of energy saving, material saving, ecological protection, improving living environment, improving building function and quality, reducing building weight and convenient construction, etc., and will be more and more in the future. The application, forecasting 2020 construction plastic products will reach about 8 million tons.

Chemical building materials extrusion die is a key process equipment for the production of new chemical building materials, mainly including plastic profile extrusion die, plastic pipe die, low foam molding extrusion die. Its technical performance directly affects the quality and output of new chemical building materials. Plastic profile extrusion dies are mainly used to produce plastic door and window profiles. According to the data, the share of plastic doors and windows in the German window market is as high as 80%, and the market share of other Western European countries is also 30% to 40%. China is currently promoting plastic doors and windows. Pipe fittings are injection molds that are difficult to machine and are used to produce plastic water supply and drainage fittings in urban buildings.

   It is expected that the demand for plastic building materials will increase rapidly. Various profile extrusion dies and plastic pipe fittings will become a new economic growth point in the mold market.