China Plastics Association Secretariat Convenes Guangzhou Series Activities Summaries Meeting

- Jun 04, 2019-

After the Guangzhou series of activities, the secretariat staff returned to Beijing. After handling the urgent work at hand, on the afternoon of May 28, 2019, the secretariat of the China Plastics Association held a regular meeting. The meeting heard the summary and experience of the Guangzhou series of activities of all secretariat personnel, and further deployed the key work identified by the 7th 5th Standing Committee Directors 'Expanded Meeting, the 7th Expanded Fourth Meeting of Directors, and the Secretary-General's Thematic Meeting of the Branch. The meeting was chaired by Vice Chairman and Secretary-General Wangzhanjie.
Secretariat staff reported on their respective share of Renwuwancheng, issues and deficiencies, and work proposals during three sessions, including seven or four expanded Governing Council meetings; The experience of visiting the 33rd China International Plastics and Rubber Industry Exhibition was shared, and some suggestions were put forward for running the 2020 China International Plastics Exhibition. We also shared our experiences and impressions of participating in the party day event on May 20.
Progress on the priorities identified by the Governing Council was reported by the relevant departments. The exhibition Department reported on the preparations for the 2020 China International Plastic Exhibition. The Ministry of Information reported on the progress of the "Development History of China's Plastic Processing Industry", the "Thirty Years Memorial Album for the Establishment of the Association", the "Thirty Years Development Report of the Plastic Processing Industry", and the promotion of ecological construction and plans for the next work; The comprehensive operation Department reported on the progress and work arrangement of the project working group of "three things and one thing" + intelligent project. The member Department reported on the working thoughts of the branch service and management and the thoughts and ideas of the association to carry out the poverty alleviation work; The office reported on the progress in the preparation of the "30th Anniversary Celebration of the China Plastics Association and the Forum for the Development of the Industrial Chain of the Plastic Processing Industry" series of activities, plans, and progress in the construction of the association's network information system.
In the end, Chairman Zhuwenwei made comments and summarized your remarks. Chairman Zhu believes that everyone has made serious preparations. The experience and suggestions have been very good. The achievements and shortcomings have also been objectively summarized and analyzed. He said that the leadership of the association in the Guangzhou series of activities can be coordinated from the overall working level, and the quality of the concept is very good, reflecting the overall quality of the association. Through the Guangzhou series of activities, young comrades have not only accomplished their tasks well, but also had good thinking, indicating that everyone has undergone exercise and has grown up. He said that everyone's performance was remarkable and they achieved their planned work goals well.
To carry out the next work, Chairman Zhuwenwei stressed the need to highlight key points, innovative methods, and joint efforts to advance. First, we must continue to guide innovation and push the high quality development of the industry. Second, we must continue to build cooperation platforms and promote the coordinated development of the industrial chain. Third, we must do a good job of self-construction and promote sustainable development of the industry.
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