The First Intellectual Property Innovation Base Of Mould Industry In China Was Established In Beilun, Ningbo

- Jun 28, 2019-

Ningbo Intellectual Property Office, together with Ningbo Science and Technology Information Research Institute, Ningbo Beilun District Science and Technology Bureau(Intellectual Property Office) and Ningbo Beilun District Intellectual Property Association held the unveiling ceremony of Ningbo Molds Industry Intellectual Property Innovation Base in Hengyang Community, Beilun District. Director Yangsu of Ningbo Intellectual Property Office, Dean Guoqiang of Ningbo Science and Technology Information Research Institute, Deputy Director Huxiuqin of Ningbo Beilun District Science and Technology Bureau(Intellectual Property Office), and Deputy Director Chenjinyuan of Ningbo Beilun District High-grade Mold Industry Base attended the ceremony.
The Hengyang Community in Beilun District is the first industrial community in China to serve the mold industry. The enterprises under its jurisdiction are mainly mid-to-high grade die casting die enterprises. There are more than 600 enterprises, of which there are more than 400 die enterprises. The annual sales volume of mold enterprises reached 6 billion yuan, accounting for more than 60 % of the industrial sales revenue of enterprises in the entire jurisdiction. The industry is concentrated and has obvious characteristics. It is the largest base for die casting in China and was awarded the "hometown of molds" by the China Mould Industry Association.. In recent years, the transformation and upgrading of Beilun mold industry has been rapid. From the pure selling of molds to the major transformation of its own production products, the mold industry has been expanded to the extreme, and the upper, middle and lower reaches have been opened, forming a new industry of die casting mold manufacturing and automobile parts production and development. All of these have benefited from the implementation of the IPR strategy for the mold industry, which has strengthened the industry and expanded the industry. The core competitiveness of enterprises has been upgraded beyond normal standards, and a large number of mold companies have been transformed into new ones, and they have already set up 42 first-class support facilities for world-class automotive(parts) enterprises. The ability to innovate has been further enhanced.
The establishment of the IPR innovation base of the mold industry will greatly mobilize the enthusiasm of the deep integration of the mold industry's intellectual property rights with the industry, guide and serve enterprises from the amount of intellectual property rights to pay attention to the quality of intellectual property rights, and further promote the transformation and upgrading of the mold industry.
According to the Ningbo Intellectual Property Office Director Yangsu, the next step, the Municipal Intellectual Property Office will gather strength and resources, the construction of the mold industry intellectual property innovation base as an important carrier of intellectual property work innovation and development, implement work measures, and strive to become a national first-class intellectual property innovation base.