What Are The Plumbing Fittings

- Aug 15, 2019-

What are the plumbing fittings
First, direct
Also known as sleeve, sleeve joint. When using, pay attention to matching the size of the water pipe. When the pipe is not long enough, it can be used as an accessory to connect two pipelines to extend the pipe.
Second, bend
It is used for turning water pipes. Since the water pipes are straight and can not be bent, the direction of the water pipes can only be changed by bending, mainly 45 ° and 90 °.
Third, inner and outer silk
It is used when connecting faucets, water meters, and other types of water pipes. It is usually used in combination. The main items used in home wear are silk pieces.
Fourth and third links
Divided into three routes of the same diameter and three routes of different diameters, it is used to connect water in three different directions. It needs to be used when drawing a waterway from a water pipe.
Fifth, size head
It is used to connect two tubes with different diameter, and the direct, curved, and three connections are all divided into small and small heads.
Sixth, block the head
After the water pipe is installed, it is used to temporarily close the outlet. When the faucet is installed, it will be removed. When using the plug, you must pay attention to matching the size with the corresponding pipe.
Seventh, bend around
Also called bridge, when two water pipes intersect in the same plane and do not dock, in order to ensure the normal use of water pipes, we use curved transitions, just like arch bridges, through the plane avoidance to avoid the direct intersection of water pipes.
Eighth, the valve
The effect is to open and close the water flow; The function of the pipe card is to fix the position of the water pipe and prevent the displacement of the water pipe.
Ninth, S-Bend and P-Bend
Generally used for water bucket and water pipe links, both have anti-odor functions, S-bend is generally used for dislocation links, and P-bend is a deodorizing link. Its role is to prevent blocking and odor.